Merch Money Mastermind Group (MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION)

Merch Money Mastermind Group (MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION)

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Join a one of a kind Merch and Print-on-Demand Mastermind Group which is a private facebook group for training, coaching, video tutorials, webinars, and guidance led by Helen Kinson and Christina Sisson!

We love coaching, training, and helping people learn how to become financially independent through print-on-demand. We both came from the corporate world and realize that coming from a typical 9 to 5 job into the world of print-on-demand can be exciting, but very confusing.

Consider us your personal tour guides as you navigate the complex and every changing world of print-on-demand.

We are not limiting this group to just Merch by Amazon (although that will certainly be a big topic). Our goals are to help everyone figure out which print-on-demand platforms meet the goals they have for their own business vision and then help guide you in getting up and running on those platforms as quickly as possible.  This year we have planned several 8 week challenges that will occur in the group.  

We do a weekly live coaching and training session within the group where we answer your questions or provide tutorials.  

Additionally, we do weekly over-the-shoulder training content where you can see our process from start to finish - research, design, keywords, and listing!

We've spent countless hours learning Merch by Amazon, Kindle Direct Publishing, Etsy, RedBubble, and many, many more! For just $29.99 per month, we'll be your tour guides and get you up to speed much more quickly by taking the research and guesswork out of the critical processes that you need to learn for every print-on-demand platform!


We hope you'll subscribe and join us on this exciting journey!