Merch Money Training Webinar- Outsourcing & Hiring Freelancers/Virtual Assistants

Merch Money Training Webinar- Outsourcing & Hiring Freelancers/Virtual Assistants

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This training webinar will walk you through step-by-step how to analyze your Print-on-Demand business, determine if outsourcing is right for you, then walk you through how to locate, screen, and manage VA's and freelancers (Graphic Designers & Illustrators).   

 This webinar is for people in several types of situations including those who:

  • aren't sure if outsourcing is right for you
  • are ready to outsource and just don't know how to start
  • want to learn about outsourcing now, to be prepared for the future
  • have tried outsourcing previously and need a better process for trying it again

Webinar Contents: (8 separate videos + 1 full-length video) - 2 hours and 23 minutes of video content

  • Introduction
    • Pages 1-2
  • Section 1 - Prioritizing & Task Analysis
    • Pages 4-11
  • Section 2 - Outsourcing Options: Full, Partial, or Tools
    • Pages 13-14
  • Section 3 - Methods of Locating Virtual Assistants & Freelancers
    • Pages 16-18
  • Section 4 - Identifying Specific Needs for Job Posting & Screening
    • Pages 20-22
  • Section 5 - Researching Rates, Writing a Job Posting & Searching for Candidates
    • Pages 24-46
  • Section 6 - Process for Interviewing and Screening Candidates
    • Pages 48-51
  • Section 7 - Overview of Management of Virtual Assistants & Freelancers
    • Pages 53-64

 Additional Resources:

  • PDF of the Webinar presentation slides for printing/following along
  • PDF of Outsourcing Tools & Training with links
  • Excel Spreadsheet including Task Analysis Template, Screening Specifics, and Sharing VA Questions

We are also adding in a BONUS of a 14 Day FREE Trial in the Merch Money Mastermind group, so that after you watch the training webinar you can ask additional questions in the Mastermind group and get personal attention to help apply what you learned!